Helfa Gelf


Wendy Couling Contemporary Mixed Media Artist

  • Mixed Media,
  • Painting,
  • Digital Print


Contemporary Painter & Mixed Media Artist

Within my artwork I investigate interpersonal relationships and ideals of domestic bliss versus the female form. These pieces explore our need for society’s approval in a contemporary world of ideal beauty and female perfection. They highlight and contest the ranking of female identity and authority, combined with everlasting issues of gender.

Studio information

Family friendly Wheelchair friendly Parking nearby Toilet access Welsh Speaker Work for sale Price range £249+ Commissions accepted

The images used within this ‘Bittersweet’ series were all acquired from one collection of found ephemeral photographic images. I explore the ideal of constructing a scene or narrative by the layering of images through the means of collage. This is achieved by the abstraction of images, these being physically manipulated in terms of scale and fragmenting the forms. This is achieved by working quickly and intensively upon the images, until they are close to a point of destruction, and then juxtaposing conflicting images combined with elements of drawing and painting. Due to the nature of my working practice, each artwork is unique and impossible to exactly replicate, adding to their individuality.

My artwork has been exhibited throughout Wales, and beyond. As a free lance art workshop facilitator I have collaborated on a wide range of projects with various arts organisations, including Gwledd Conwy Feast, Llawn, Adain Avion, Oriel Mostyn, local schools and colleges, and facilitating workshops with a range of groups in gallery, museum environments and in the Arts & health sector.

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