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Janet Ruth Davies

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MA Documentary Photographer living in Wales,working internationally.

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Current work in progress 2018

From Here to There

In 1831 Charles Darwin walked through the mountains of north Wales on a solo field trip looking for evidence of the last Ice Age. Upon discovering the Erratic boulders in the glaciated cirque of Cwm Idwal, Darwin concluded that they journeyed on the ice flow as poetic time travellers some 11,000 years ago. The Erratic boulders take their name from the Latin ‘Errare’ meaning to ‘Wander’ and are defined as having a lithology that is different to that which it sits on. They often migrate hundreds of kilometres from their original position. The boulders are a metaphor for spatial dis-location.

Through the physical experience of walking, From Here to There is an encounter with theories, knowledge and human affect. It is an invitation to re-imagine the sediment of time and history interwoven into a human story.

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