Helfa Gelf


Angie Hoopert

  • Painting,
  • Print Making


Atmospheric oil paintings, predominantly skyscapes

Studio information

Family friendly Wheelchair friendly Parking nearby Toilet access Welsh Speaker Work for sale Price range 25-1500 Commissions accepted

Contact & address Details

07737 383093

Having graduated in 1991 with a degree in Illustration/Graphic Design from Bristol, I now paint from my studio in my hometown of Mold in North Wales.

‘I am utterly absorbed by the skies above. The world and its weather provide a constant, yet ever changing source of inspiration. I am fascinated by how the skies can alter so dramatically above our land and seas and I am particularly drawn towards the variations in colour and light.

Often stunned by the ethereal beauty gifted to us by the weather, I am compelled to attempt to capture the mood and emotion evoked by such natural events as an approaching storm or a burning sunset. I draw upon photographs, sketches and memories as a starting point for a painting, but frequently a painting will emerge as something different, with dynamics or subtleties of light born more from something I may feel or remember.’

I have exhibited widely and my work can be found in private collections throughout the UK as well as in Europe, Australia and the USA.

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