Niki Cotton

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About Me:

I'm concerned with the usual questions we humans have - life, death, love, loss, joy, pain, the world around me and my place within it. What it is to be me and to be a woman in the 21st century. Body issues, life issues, mind issues, world issues. I have an endless curiosity to life and I always have an opinion on whatever it is I'm seeing/reading/listening to. All that floating information bubbles up and becomes something that I have to make into art.

I hate to be pigeon holed, it brings out the rebel in me. I have a relentlessly curious temperament and I love to work across many different mediums. I'm not afraid to try something new if it tickles me. Technology isn't something I shy away from if I can find a place for it within my work. I'm always looking to push myself in new areas. Video, photography, digital manipulation of imagery, sculpture, installations and of course good old painting (my first love, my first crush) it still brings me so much joy and peace, a meditation in movement whilst pushing around that most joyous of things, colour.

I'd say my biggest passion is colour, it's where all my work begins, the uplifting, positivity, thrill and basic need I have to surround myself and my work with it, in whatever format it takes. As I have a tenaciously depressed mind it is my prozac, my therapy, my way of digging myself out of the slimy black hole I often find myself lost in. A proper love affair that has lasted my entire life. I think if you cut me through the middle I would probably be a glittery rainbow. That might sound contrived and all too fluffy for the seriousness of art but the joy of something so simple is what underpins the weight of all the other stuff I pile on top of it. It helps the work and me to not crack under the weight of this human condition of constantly questioning the world and our place within it.

Media Types:

Installation | Painting | Photography | Printmaking

What to expect:

A working studio that has a gallery space attached. A place full of colour, music & energy where I can breathe. A place for me to push my ideas and experiment without any pressure from life.

The studio is open 14/15 and 21/22 September for Helfa Gelf and the additional weekend of 28/29 September (11.00am-4.00pm)


The Colwyn Bay railway station is about 200 yards from the studio & the A55 junction 21 is about 100 yards away.


The beach is a stones throw (& a little walk) away from the studio as is Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias Resturant. A little slice of heaven on the coast.

  • Parking Nearby
  • Toilet Access
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Family Friendly
  • Commissions Accepted

Studio Open:

This studio is open throughout the year by appointment


The Studio, 18 Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay, LL28 4RF



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