Helfa Gelf


Angie Hoopert

  • Painting


Atmospheric oil paintings, predominantly skyscapes

Directions to studio

My studio is to be found at the top of the High Street on the left hand side, near to the Bailey Hill. Please note that my studio is on the top floor and up two flights of stairs

Studio information

Family friendly Yes Wheelchair friendly No Parking nearby Yes Toilet access Yes Welsh Speaker Work for sale Yes Price range £25 - £1500 Commissions accepted Yes Studio open by appointment throughout the year

Contact & address Details

07737 383093

Having graduated in 1991 with a degree in Illustration/Graphic Design from Bristol, I now paint from my studio in my hometown of Mold in North Wales.

‘I am utterly absorbed by the skies above. The world and its weather provide a constant, yet ever changing source of inspiration. I am fascinated by how the skies can alter so dramatically above our land and seas and I am particularly drawn towards the variations in colour and light.

Often stunned by the ethereal beauty gifted to us by the weather, I am compelled to attempt to capture the mood and emotion evoked by such natural events as an approaching storm or a burning sunset. I draw upon photographs, sketches and memories as a starting point for a painting, but frequently a painting will emerge as something different, with dynamics or subtleties of light born more from something I may feel or remember.’

I have exhibited widely and my work can be found in private collections throughout the UK as well as in Europe, Australia and the USA.

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