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Helfa Gelf 2019 |

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    Bee Weir

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    Amdanon ni:

    Mae Bee yn artist ac athrawes sy’n byw yn Mancot ble mae ganddi stiwdio yn yr ardd. Mae’n gweithio gyda gwydr yn y boreuau a ffeibrau yn y pnawn. Mae ei thechnegau yn cynnwys ffiwsio a staen Tiffany a staen gwydr. Mae technegau ffeibr yn cynnwys gweu gyda llaw ar amrediad o ddeunyddiau o rai sy’n ffitio yn eich llaw i rai sydd angen eistedd tu mewn.

    Mae’r gwydr a ffeibrau yn cael ei dylanwadu gan y lliwiau, golau a gwead sydd i’w weld drwy ffenesd

    Media Types:

    Glass | Textiles

    What to expect:

    Chat with Bee about her inspirations and techniques while perusing the wide range of glass and woven gifts.

    Mini workshops in both glass and weaving during Helfa Gelf.

    Tea, coffee and cake.

    The studio is open 14/15 and 21/22 September for Helfa Gelf and the additional weekend of 28/29 September (11.00am-4.00pm)


    The Clink is the old village police station and is the last house in Mancot as you go up towards Hawarden.

    Banks Lane is off the middle road through Mancot, Ash Lane, between the old maternity hospital at the bottom and the cemetery at the top.


    The Clink is walking distance from the cafe within Gladstone’s Library in Hawarden.

    I can thoroughly recommend the Afternoon Tea.

    • Parking Nearby
    • Toilet Access
    • Family Friendly

    Studio Open:

    This studio is open throughout the year by appointment


    2 Banks Road, Mancot Deeside CH5 2BJ



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