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Helfa Gelf 2019 |

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    Kirsti Hannah Brown


    Amdanon ni:

    Crochenwaith carreg wedi ei wneud a llaw wedi eu hysbrydoli o arfordiroedd gorllewinol Yr Alban a Chymru. Mae’r boteli’n cael eu creu yn y dull llech, gyda phen ac ysgwyddau bychan er mwyn rhoi delwedd ffigurol. Mae’r bowlenni a’r llestr yn cael eu pinsho a’u torchi gan gynnig edrychiad cerrig a chregyn. Cânt eu naddu, marcio a’u gwydro i greu effaith y môr a’r arfordir.

    Rwy’n aelod o Urdd Gwneuthurwyr Cymru ac mae fy ngwaith ar gael mewn orielau ar draws y wlad.

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    What to expect:

    Developments from drawings of ancient objects, tools and rock carvings found in coastal regions of Wales and Scotland. The latest work, including sketches and workbooks will be on display.

    Tea, coffee and I can rustle up a cake too!


    From Chester pass the Glynne Arms, once past Gladstone Way and war memorial on the right, Wold Court is the next right.

    Please park on the drive or in front of the house.

    Bus: 4, 4S and 11

    Train: Wrexham to Bidston Line


    Lunch, afternoon tea or just coffee and cake in the serene Gladstone's Library. If you're in a hurry to see more artists, grab a sandwich and cake form the newly refurbished Hawarden Post Office.

    • Parking Nearby
    • Family Friendly
    • Commissions Accepted

    Studio Open:

    This studio is open throughout the year by appointment


    24 Wold Ct, Hawarden, Deeside CH5 3LN, UK



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