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Help and support for Registration (New Members) and Login (Existing members).

After you have Registered - if you want to edit your Profile or look at your Account then use Login.

For a brief outline of the process see Registering as an Artist.

For additional screen shots see below

On the Homepage in the top right hand corner there are two buttons.


Use LOGIN to renew your membership

Use REGISTER if you are new to Helfa Gelf.  After you have successfully Registered to view your Profile use LOGIN.

LOGIN and REGISTER are in the top right hand corner

For RENEWING your membership you will need to LOGIN and then select REREGISTER - Select type of Membership and pay

For NEW members you will need to REGISTER - select type of membership and pay

This is what you will see if you are a NEW member


This is what you will see after the SUCCESS of your Registration or Re-registration.

For NEW members and RENEWALS


Here you can Edit your Profile, View your Account details or Logout

This is where you enter details for your webpage.

RENEWALS - you will see your last years information - check and/or update your information

NEW members - you will need to fill in the boxes and select options

Silver and Gold members can select days when you are opening your studio and add directions to your studio.

Gold members can add contact details about your Group.  See Group Profiles in the top left hand corner.

You can Save your Profile - but to have your pages 'live' they will need to be translated - when you are happy with the content select Publish my Profile

Ready to have your test translated? Select Publish my Profile

Trouble uploading your image - Please ensure that the source file that you are trying to upload from your device is less than 2MB in size.  It needs to be a square .jpeg. in high resolution.

To upload images from your machine or device, simply click the "+ Add an image" button.

Your artist page is fully bi-lingual. To have your page approved quickly by a site administrator your text needs to be both English and Welsh - if you have not included a Welsh version we will provide a translation but there will be a short delay while this is done).

I've filled everything in but cannot see my page ......

Don't worry, this is simply down to a Helfa Gelf site administrator ensuring it is fully bi-lingual.

Trouble Logging in 

  • Visit the log-in page: http://helfagelf.co.uk/account...
  • If you have forgotten your password, or your password is failing to log you in, please visit the trouble logging in/reset password page and follow the instructions. If your password reset link is not linking, you can copy & paste it into a browser.
  • if you are still having trouble please follow 'Contact us' link on the Homepage.

Address and Map Pin

On adding the first line of your address, the system may pick up on your address and prompt you to auto-fill the rest for you. It may also ask you to "share your current location" automatically (depending on device and browser you are using), this will help you place your map 'pin' into place.

Pick up the red pointer and move to your location - when placed press DONE.

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