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You've registered & logged in, what next?

Time to fill in all of the details about you, your art and showcase your images.

Once logged in you'll have 4 tabs where you can add detail about yourself and your artwork. The tabs are entitled: "You and your art" (the default tab opened on login), "Your workspace", "Artwork" and "Big Biography".

You and Your Art  - here there is a box titled Studio Description (Website). This is a paragraph about your techniques, what inspires you, medium you use ... this is a outline about your work - remember you have lots more space to expand in the Big Biography tab.  There are two other boxes - Studio Description Silver and Studio Description Gold.  These have character limits (100 Silver and 300 Gold) and are for a reduced version of the Studio Description (Website) text.

If you look at the right hand side of these two boxes there is a counter - this counts down and will tell you how many characters are left to use.

The next tab is Your workspace. This where you add directions to your studio or shared space.  There are just two boxes on this tab.  Directions to Studio (Website) has no character limit.  Directions to Studio (Print Brochure) has a limit of 100 characters for Silver and Gold Membership, here you put reduced details about how to find your workspace.  Most visitors look at the website in addition to the Brochure to find additional information about the Artists.

This is an example of the You and Your Art tab

This is an example of Your workspace

Adding a new image

Uploading Your Artwork

Under the "Artwork" tab, you will see a 'Featured Image' section and a 'Gallery'. The 'Featured Image' is used on the Artists overview page  and will be the image that appears in the Brochure.

To upload images from your machine or device, simply click the "+ Add an image" button, and wait for the pop-up to appear. In the bottom left of this pop-up will be an "Upload files" button, see images.

Trouble uploading your images? Please ensure that the source file that you are trying to upload from your device is less than 2MB in size. It needs to be a square .jpg image, in high resolution, the exact size will be approx. 36.5mm high x 37.6mm width. We do not support video files.

Your gallery is the collection of works which will enlarge in a pop-up 'lightbox' once you have uploaded. You can add as many gallery images as you like.

**Please note: If you're partaking in the Open Studios this year, the main image will be the image used in the brochure unless otherwise instructed**

Re-order your gallery images

Re-order your gallery images

Re-Ordering Your Gallery Images

You can move your gallery images around easily. This is done by clicking on the 4 dots in the top right of the "Gallery" image box. Highlighted in the screenshot opposite with a red underline. You can re-arrange images how you like.

Bi-Lingual Switch

Bi-Lingual Switch to Welsh


Your artist page is fully bi-lingual. To have your page approved quickly by a site administrator your text needs to be both English and Welsh - if you have not included a Welsh version we will provide a translation but there will be a short delay while this is done). On logging in, by default the English is the opening edit area. To switch to Welsh, click on the "Welsh - U.K." link. This is found underneath "Live Preview", please see the screenshot. 

To know that you are editing the "Welsh" areas, they will now be denoted by a "cy_gb" above the editable area (as opposed to "en_gb"). Some fields are fully bi-lingual for you e.g. "Categories" and any sliders/switches to denote whether you are "Family Friendly" or "Accept Commissions" etc.

I've filled everything in, saved, but cannot see my page...

Don't worry, this is simply down to a Helfa Gelf site administrator needing to cross the t's and dot the i's to approve your content and ensuring it is fully bi-lingual. I'm sure it won't be long until your page is viewable on our site.

Trouble Logging In?

Address and Map Pin

Under the "Your workspace" tab, there is the option to add in your studio address, and add a pin to the map. This will display on your artist page, as well as on the "Artist Trail" page.

On adding the first line of your address, the system may pick up on your address and prompt you to auto-fill the rest for you. It may also ask you to "share your current location" automatically (depending on device and browser you are using), this will help you place your map 'pin' into place.

Pick up the red pointer and move to your location - when placed press DONE.

Adding your address

Adding your address and map pin.

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