HG Member Karen Jones creates 8 paintings in celebration of characters from the Musical drama of 'Te yn y Grug'

Karen based in Gwynedd has a love of singing, and has been in rehearsals since September 2018 for the Musical drama of 'Te yn y Grug!' That’s 'Tea in the Heather!'.

The musical drama will be televised by S4C and performed at the Welsh National Eisteddfod on the 6th August 2019. The tickets sold out in 24hrs! Karen has been inspired by the deeply moving poetry by Acclaimed poet Karen Owen which she is also reading in the performance.

Karen says 'I have created 8 paintings in oil over 1m square to cover the story. It is fascinating! A sassy girl overcomes poverty, abuse and neglect by sheer force of will, and being deeply connected to the earth, recovers her own self identity and moves away from her damming community in sreach of her own future. From a girl with no knickers and great hunger in her belly to a lady riding in a horse drawn cart with a respectable job. Layers of meaning is woven into the score. I’ve simply loved being part of it all!'

Karen's studio will be open over the Gwynedd Helfa Gelf event in August. See her page for more details.

You can find out more about the project on the National Eisteddfod website:

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