Helfa Gelf - New Management Committee

Helfa Gelf has a new team!

We are delighted to announce that Helfa Gelf has been successful in gaining funding from the Arts Council Wales for 2019 and would like to introduce you to the Management Committee, the majority of whom are new.

We think it is important for you to know who represents your area and also that we are all involved in a voluntary capacity – if you would like to join the committee please do let us know.

Committee members do not have to be artists so feel free to ask friends and colleagues if they would be interested in supporting us.

Chair: Lise Roberts chair@helfagelf.co.uk

Vice Chair & Conwy County Lead: Catherine Bailey conwy@helfagelf.co.uk

Wrexham & Flintshire County Lead: Kirsti Brown flintshire@helfagelf.co.uk

Denbighshire County Lead: Lisa Harman denbighshire@helfagelf.co.uk

Gwynedd County Lead: Leah Green gwynedd@helfagelf.co.uk

Management Committee members: Pippa Mac, Rod Waterfield & Anders Pleass


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