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  • Take part in the Helfa Gelf Open Studios Event 2019
  • Have an entry in the Helfa Gelf Artists’ Directory 2019. This will be an A5 booklet with a proposed publication date of June, enabling earlier promotion of the Open Studios event across the region.
  • Have an entry on an improved Helfa Gelf website. Improvements will include easier registration and will allow for area-specific information on artists, and maps complementing the HG Artists’ Directory
  • Promotion through our social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Receive Banners, Arrows, Flags and Marketing material for you as an individual or as a group to support your Open Studio event
  • Have access to exhibitions, fairs and residencies that Helfa Gelf will promote and support
  • Have Mentoring, Networking and opportunities for Collaboration